Fast Track Your Business

There is one thing, I am certain about you:

You want RESULTS.
And you want them fast!

  • You are either fed up of running in circle.
  • You might want to kill procrastination and find the right answers on how to proceed.
  • Maybe you need to figure out how to increase sales, create more effective marketing plan.
  • Or you may even still be figuring out if the idea that you have is the right one.


It’s time to move you to the next level!

Book a Strategy Call and let’s create a result oriented plan for your business.

Whether you are still figuring out how to launch your business or wondering why orders are not coming in…

― I’m here for you.

This offer includes:

The strategy call will help you

  • to become driven and more focused,
  • lift yourself from the state of overwhelm,
  • become more confident and driven, and
  • start working on result-oriented tasks.


It is time for YOU to become that woman entrepreneur you had always wanted to be!

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“I had my Etsy shop for 5 years with 0 sales! Once I started to work with Natasha, I decided to rebrand, we created a marketing strategy and I am finally getting orders in! So exciting!” Barbara B.

“Now, looking back, all I can say is – my business was a mess. I was so overwhlemed and nothing was really falling into place. This Strategy Call was very much needed…” Laura C.

“I was a bit sceptic that one call will help me to kick start my online magazine. I was having a hard time getting contributors and subscriber! I can’t believe that just a few questions from your side made me see what needs to be changed!” Fiona H.

Mindset + a Plan = Growth (Guaranteed!)

How this works?

Before we hop on a Strategy Call, we will have an Assessment Call, which represents no obligation for you. 

I find it very important that you get to know me personally before booking the Strategy Call. This first call also gives me an opportunity to ask any questions I may have about your business.

How much does it cost?

119 EUR.

But as mentioned above, Assessment Call comes with no obligation.

So, don’t hesitate, book your assessment call and let’s create a strategy and plan for your business.

Are you not sure is the Strategy Call is right for you? Contact me and ask any question you may have.