Power Hour

60 minutes



during which you can choose to talk about anything you are facing in
this moment.

Either related to questions about starting up, increasing sales, managing work-life
balance, finding motivation, improving productivity.

I will help you find answers to the challenges of building a business so you can move forward with confidence and be less overwhelmed.

If you feel stuck in a rut or procrastinating, and you want to talk to someone, who can give you constructive feedback, strategy for the next and upcoming weeks


if you are not comfortable to hire a coach just yet;

this call is perfect for you! 


Clients usually describe these calls as extremely uplifting and motivational.

Recharge Your Business Mind

Take time to disconnect and distance yourself. See things from other perspective and allow yourself to think out of the box. Unlock pathways to new ideas.

Define Your Next Best Steps

Sometimes we are doing so much, yet if feels like nothing has been done.  Not all activities and tasks carry the same weight, hence we have to define those, that can bring us closer to our true goals.

Find Out What’s Truly Holing You Back From Achieving Your Business Goals

Fear of success is common, but many of us are unaware that we have it. Self-sabotaging activities
– such as procrastination, negative self-talk, and fear of success – can keep us from achieving our
goals and dreams. We can overcome this together.

My goal is to help you focus on what matters most.

Let’s identify what will give you results, sense of accomplishment, and steer you in the right direction.

Not able to find a suitable time slot for your Power Hour?

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I have something special for you!

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A weekly mini-coaching.

You and I will work on your business goals for 5 days straight.

The goal of this mini-coaching is to give you a solid foundation so you can achieve meaningful and measurable results in your business. It’s about aligning your daily actions to get you on the right track to gain momentum in your business.

When you book this weekly mini-coaching, you’ll get daily direct access to me via chat.

Your investment: only $99*!

*50% OFF. Time-limited offer!  The full price for the weekly mini-coaching is $199.

“I had my Etsy shop for 5 years with 0 sales! Once I started to work with Natasha, I decided to rebrand, we created a marketing strategy and I am finally getting orders in! So exciting!” Barbara B.

“Now, looking back, all I can say is – my business was a mess. I was so overwhlemed and nothing was really falling into place. This Strategy Call was very much needed…” Laura C.

“I was a bit sceptic that one call will help me to kick start my online magazine. I was having a hard time getting contributors and subscriber! I can’t believe that just a few questions from your side made me see what needs to be changed!” Fiona H.