If you can improve people’s life — you have a business!

Entrepreneurship is about providing value to your customers and clients. Therefore, if you can improve people’s life – you have a business! 

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Each and every one of us is able to create something or provide some sort of a service, which can either simplify, upgrade or improve people’s life.

We are buying the basics (food, clothes, etc.) but beyond that, we also buy convenience, solutions and knowledge.

improve people's life

The fact is that every kind of expertise and knowledge is packageable and can be offered on the marketplace, as long as you have an idea about how to package it, how to sell it and whom to sell it to!

And this brings us to the basic of every business idea, every product and any kind of service. There are a few simple questions which you, as a (future) business owner, have to clarify and define to start and run a successful business.

1. Who are my customers?

Who will you work with?

Is your product or service bringing value to individuals or companies? To female or male? Young or elderly?
Where do they live? What are their habits? And what are their needs?

2. What problems will I solve?

What problems do these people have?

This is a very important question, and one that you must answer. The answer doesn’t have to be long. A clear and compelling sentence is all you really need. 

3. What results does the company/product/service provide?

Everyone wants to know what results they will get when buying from you. 

For some products or services, this is a no brainer and this answer comes very naturally and easily. For others, it may be a bit more challenging, but not impossible.

In case you don’t have a strong answer to this question – no worries! This question is also a great trigger to think deeper and wider – be creative and open to new ideas. This question may also shift your vision. Be open to any new ideas you may get while answering this question.

4. How will I help my customers achieve their desired state?

Describe the process and the outcome.

Let’s take cosmetics as an example. We like to read the ‘how to use’ instructions and we look forward to seeing our first results.
Buyers like to be informed beforehand. About how the product or how service works. Having this information, gives us buyers a confidence that we are making the right buying decision.

These questions give us clear answers about what our marketing message should be and who our ideal client is.

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