So, you are determined to become a successful business owner and you are ready to commit and dedicate your time to build your own business.


You also maybe, as many other women entrepreneurs, be experiencing:

… the overwhelm
… information overload
… procrastination and self-doubt.

And you wish to have someone to pause your racing mind.

Someone to help you define your next best steps.
To advise you when you are stuck.

You would want to have someone standing by your side.

… Someone who has launched businesses before.

… Someone who can guide you to define you next steps, which will give meaningful results in the shortest possible time.

… Someone who will help you think it all through. 

Starting and building your own business is much easier
when you have support.

Yes, it is much easier when you have a support from someone who is

✓ keeping you accountable,
✓ making sure you don’t go off tracks and stay productive,
✓ is listening when it becomes overwhelming and challenging,
✓ encouraging and helping you to think out of the box,
✓ guiding you by giving suggestions and
✓ helping you to identify your next best steps.

Do you think having such support would help you to achieve your goals faster?

Yes, you are right. It would.

Helping women entrepreneurs is my passion.

online business coaching

I have 15 years of working experience, as an employee and as a business owner.

I have started 3 businesses of my own, and have worked in start-ups and multinationals, in various positions.

And yes, I have seen and experienced ups and downs.

How it all started?

I have never really had any hobbies (rather than reading books) and I felt the need to pick up some. I felt a bit awkward not having any…

As I have always been entrepreneurial-minded, I naturally gravitated towards business, again, even when the hobby question came into play.

I was lucky enough to come across one UK based foundation, where I started working as a mentor volunteer, helping female entrepreneurs building their own businesses.

Over time, this passion of mine grew into the desire to help more women building their own businesses.

Fun fact:

About 13 years ago, I was on a random date and he asked me who would I like to become. My answer, at the time, was: “I want to help women build and grow their own businesses”.

I may have just seeded my current reality back then and I’m super happy that I did!

Now I coach female entrepreneurs to start, build and grow their businesses.

I work exclusively on 1:1 basis.

Each business is unique. And so are you!

I don’t have any group coaching programs. I also don’t work based on any predefined modules. I fully adapt to your needs. So you can define the intensity and the lenght of our engagement. 

Here is my general recommendation to my coaching clients.

3 months package


If you are just starting up with your business, my recommendation would be to start our journey with a 3 months engagement. With the right guidance and accountability, a lot can be achieved within this time frame.

6 months package


If you are already running your businesses and are either looking to revamp your business, expand your operations, grow your sales or increase their profitability, then I would recommend us starting with a 6 months engagement.

Let’s have a chat!