5 paged business plan (FREE download)

Either if you are just starting up with your business or if you would like to get some more clarity on your existing business, this 5 paged business plan, will help you to define all the key elements which you need to get clarity on, to either launch or build a successful business.

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Let me tell you a bit more about this workbook, your to-the-point and actionable business plan template!

It is a 5 paged document, which will help you to ask yourself an answer some key questions, which are cruical to create a successful business.

What, only 5 pages? you may be asking.

Yes! These 5 pages include and cover all the key elements which you need to define for your business to succeed.

Some questions are very powerful and some questions you may not have an answer to right away. Don’t get discouraged, start shaping your idea and eventually those answers will come.

Imagine, you need to run to the grocery shop because you are out of something. You know your goal, your final destination – grocery store. What do you do? You take the car key and you go (or you walk it). Now, let’s say your car refuses to start, so you walk. When you get to the store they are out of that item, so you buy some alternative. You see a great deal on some other item and you choose to buy it together with what you came for.

Starting a business is like walk into the grocery store (I know, a bit funny example, but it’s true).

You go down the path, but your course correct if needed.

On this path you will encounter challenges, maybe roadblocks, but you will also maybe get some other great ideas and turn this initial idea that you had into something way better.

„Entrepreneurship is the journey, not a destination.“

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