4 simple principles for extremely busy female entrepreneurs to increase productivity instantly

At the beginning of my career and even before, during my student years, I have read a good number of books, listened to podcasts and read blog posts on the topic of productivity, achieving goals and setting up businesses. I considered myself efficient and productive.
And then… life and days became very busy and hectic.

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If I wanted to grow my business, I simply had to “create” more time and increase my efficiency. I started to search for new formula, a bullet proof system, a simple plan which works.

And I found it! I have managed to double my productivity.

These simple principles are easy to apply into everyone’s busy life in order to achieve high yielding results.

And they work, regardless what your situation is.

You may be working 9 to 5 (which very often tends to be more like 9 to 7), you may be full-working mom (like myself) or stay at home mom (we know being at home with kids is no holiday). You may be setting up start-up, working on expanding your business or build another one.

In the world of entrepreneurship, many things are uncertain. That makes it exciting, right? But one thing for sure is certain. Time, which we have available, to achieve all those things that we have put down on the list of paper, wrote them in a diary which may by now be all dusty, or worse, pushed into one of those drawers that you never bother to open… is surely limited.

But hey, let’s be honest. When something is given for free, we tend to waste it. Time is one of those free given things. Guilty! Been there, done that, or better said – NOT DONE THAT.

Here is the good news. With just a few simple decisions, changes, shifts, you can easily buy back some of that lost time and increase your productivity, instantly!


Ah, just one more thing… before you dive into reading and to action it all, I want you to have your goals written down. In order to measure your productivity, you simply need to know what your aim is and what your final goal is.

You may, as most of us, have many goals. This is all great and right, but what I would suggest is to focus on one goal to start with. You will very likely find it more fulfilling when seeing how much progress you can make on that one goal when you truly focus all your energy and time into it.

OK, so here they are, 4 simple principles which you can start implementing right now:

Here is how you can increase productivity instantly

4 simple principles for extremely busy female entrepreneurs to increase productivity instantly

1. Allocate uninterrupted time

Put away all the gadgets, which you don’t need to complete your task. Ignore all non-important messages and emails. Zero interruption. Zero multitasking.
Every single distraction, which grabs your attention for only a few seconds, interrupts your work flow and you easily end up losing 10 minutes (for no important reason).

2. Be smart with your achievables

Work on tasks which matter and will yield results. For everything that you do, ask yourself:
– Is it what you are doing bringing you closer to your goal?
– Will that activity bring you any returns?
Avoid working on micro tasks which are easy to tick off, but give very little, or even nothing, in return.

3. One week at the time

Define your weekly goals. At the end of each week (I usually do this on Sunday) overview the tasks from the previous week and write down achievables for the next week.

4. Write down your daily TO DO list

Daily to do list should be short and achievable. Aim to select one main task, which will give you the highest return on your invested time. And start working on that one first. Now, if you have only 20 minutes on your hands, you very likely won’t manage to work more than on one task anyway, or you may even have to split that task into more days. And that is fine. Those 20 minutes per day can change your life.

Consistency is the key. 

So, I promised I will share how I found those extra 20 min a day. Here is how I/we (me and my husband) revamped our day routine to find extra time.

We used to have very late dinners; we sat down to eat only once kids were in bed, simply because we wanted to have peaceful meal. Well, that meal wasn’t too peaceful anyway, as we rushed to finish our meal, put dishes into dishwasher, and prepare clothes and bags for the next day… There were days when we sat down to eat only at 9 pm. I am not too keen on late dinners as is.

 These days we have our dinner at round 19:30, by 8 o’clock we finish baths, by 8:30 all the dishes are in the dishwasher and clothes for the next day prepared. Even if kids go to bed only at 9 pm, we still have one hour for ourselves (or two, if we decide to go to bed a bit later than usual). So by shifting activities, we gained one hour of time.

And I am sure you can do it too.

And yes, 20 minutes a day can change your life and increase your productivity.

Try it out!


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